The Scottish Ultrasound Group aims to bring researchers together under the common umbrella of Ultrasound. We hold four meetings a year, rotating through our member Universities and themes.


  • Chair: Helen Mulvana (University of Glasgow)
  • Secretary: Christine Demore (University of Glasgow)
  • Treasurer: Dave Hughes (University of the West of Scotland
  • Meeting Organiser: Francesco Guarato (University of Strathclyde)
  • Post-doc Rep: Anne Bernassau (Herriot Watt University)
  • PhD Rep : TBA
  • Senior Academic Rep: TBA
  • Our research spans from the design and implementation of ultrasonic transducers to biomimetic sonar systems, non-destructive testing, audio data processing software and condition monitoring. Our multi-disciplinary research team combines work on engineering, materials and biology into innovative transducer system solutions. Contact: Francesco Guarato

    The CLuster of UltraSound Science, Technology and Engineering Research, University of Glasgow: With a core group focused on ultrasound and many colleagues with interest in it, CLUSSTER has expertise across a broad range of ultrasound applications, transducer design and fabrication, and system configuration. Our specialisms include ultrasound actuated tools, transducer materials, therapeutic ultrasound, diagnostic imaging and micromanipulation, particularly for medical and industrial ultrasonics.Helen Mulvana

    Our research interests include the development of ultrasonic devices for applications including manipulation and sorting of particles and cells. Our current focus extends to the applications of ultrasonic radiation forces in biological assays and tissue engineering. Contact: Anne Bernassau

    Focussing on high frequency (20-50MHz) applications of ultrasound research with particular emphasis on preclinical and translational ultrasound imaging, and the development and characterisation of ultrasonic contrast agents for imaging and therapy applications. Contact: Carmel Moran

    Peter Hoskins works on new techniques in vascular ultrasound and associated flow phantom development; principally measurement of blood velocity and related quantities (flow rate, wall shear stress), and on measurement of artery wall motion. Also involved in computational fluid dynamics for estimation of 3D flow field data to include in models of the ultrasound measurement process and for comparison with velocity data measured using ultrasound. While Prof Hoskins substantive post is based in Edibnburgh his ultrasound lab is based in Dundee University and Ninewells Hospital where he has an associate position.

    Focussing on very high frequency transducers for Biomedical imaging and Non Destructive Testing. Expertise in signal processing and analysis for raw ultrasound data and measurement techniques. Contact: Dave Hughes

    Next Meeting

    University of Strathclyde
    Date: 12th April, 2pm-5pm
    Location: Room JW6.06, James Weir Building

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